HKEC Symposium on Community Engagement XII

Integration and Innovation - Promoting Health, Enabling Recovery

Event Date: 2017-06-24

Guest Speakers 演講嘉賓

AM Speakers

Speaker Profile
Dr. LAM Ching-choi Dr. LAM Ching-choi, BBS, JP
Chairman, Elderly Commission
安老事務委員會主席 林正財醫生 BBS, JP

Topic 題目
Medical social collaboration 2.0 - Service and Technology Innovation
醫社合作 2.0 - 創新服務和應用科技
Dr. Joseph KWAN Dr. Joseph KWAN
Clinical Associate Professor, Honorary Consultant Gerontologist (Geriatric Medicine); Director, HKU Gerontology Research Laboratory, The University of Hong Kong
香港大學 內科學系 臨床副教授 關兆洸醫生

Topic 題目
Engaging the community to improve the well-being for the older generations of the future
與社區同行 提升長者生活質素
Prof. Samuel WONG Prof. Samuel WONG
Associate Director (Undergraduate Education), JC School of Public Health and Primary Care; Head, Division of Family Medicine and Primary Healthcare, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
香港中文大學 賽馬會公共衞生及基層醫療學院暨家庭醫學及基層醫療學部主管 黃仰山教授

Topic 題目
Integrated Medical and Social Models in Primary Care: review and reflections
Prof. Samson TSE Prof. Samson TSE
Associate Dean (Undergraduate Education), Director of Experiential Learning, Faculty of Social Sciences; Director, Master of Social Sciences in Counselling, Department of Social Work and Social Administer, The University of Hong Kong
香港大學 社會科學學院副院長 (本科教育), 社會工作及社會行政學系 謝樹基教授

Topic 題目
Transforming leadership culture to promote health and enable recovery
領導文化之變革: 推動精神健康與復元

PM Speakers

Afternoon Panel Discussion 專題討論

Speaker Profile
Ms. WAI Ying Hung Ms. WAI Ying Hung
Best Actress of Film Awards
Ms. Christine LAM Ms. Christine LAM
MC of Metro Radio
Dr. Abraham YAM Dr. Abraham YAM
Council member, Hong Kong Doctors Union