Oral Presentations

  1. 'Post-discharged Patient Care Project for Kowloon East Community'
  2. Evidence-based Psychosocial Service for People with Chronic Illness and Their Families: Outcomes on Mental Health and Wellness
  3. Integrated Neurological Rehabilitation in the Community
    "A Way to Enhance, Empower and Engage"
  4. Study on Brain Gym? and Cognitive Function among Senior
    - A Journey to Empowerment
  5. Helping Families in face of Deliberate Self-harm
  6. Partnership with Caretakers in Self-management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Exacerbations at Home: A Community-based Approach
  7. An evaluation on "Mutual Support Platform of caregivers Platform"
  8. To empower a group of psychiatric service users with community mental health partners in community settings
  9. "FAMILY: Harmony @ home" Project

Other Abstracts

  1. An Evaluation on the Clinical Outcomes of Cardiac Rehabilitation Program (Phase 2) for Moderate Risk Patients in an Integrated Hospital-based and Community-based Model of Care
  2. Family Caregivers' Assessment of Functional Abilities in Persons with Dementia in the Community:
    the Chinese version of the Activities of Daily Living Questionnaire (ADLQ-CV)
  3. Empowering caring-efficacy and knowledge of caregivers of patient after fall
  4. Mobile Nurse Station - Psychogeriatric (MNSPG):
    Partnership between Hospital and District Elderly Community Centre (DECC)
  5. Pilot group intervention program with CRAFT model:
    Working with the concerned significant others to help the substance abusers
  6. Impact of the voluntary service provided to the elderly on health related quality of life (HRQoL), unplanned admission rate, frequency of admission and length of hospitalization
  7. "Reach for the HeART": A Partnership Program between Psychogeriatric Day Hospital and Art in Hospital
  8. Partnership in Promoting Community Mental Health
  9. Empowering Caregiver Program for Dementia
  10. Factors Associated with Young Substance Abuser
  11. Empowering Caretakers in the Care of Chronic Heart Failure Clients
    - A Community-based Heart Failure Early Discharge Support Program in the North District Hospital
  12. A Partnership with Comprehensive Child Development Service (Kowloon East cluster) in combating Domestic Violence
  13. "Towards Healthy Mind" community-based intervention program for elderly
  14. Effectiveness of Using Triage System to Improve Physical Wellness of High Risk Cardiac Patients:
    To Say "Yes" to Exercise in the Community