Free Papers Presentation

  1. Cardiac Health Promotion Program in the Community "Eat healthy and get active: a lifestyle to start and keep!"
  2. Community Collaboration Towards Bone Health
  3. Partnership Program: ENRICH Project Cooperation with PYNEH
  4. Healthy Start Volunteer Home Visitation Project
  5. Proper Use of Physical Restraint at Private Nursing Homes in Hong Kong East Cluster
  6. New Role of Community Rehabilitation Network (HKSR CRN) in Primary Health Care
  7. Patient empowerment for management of chronic illness: Study on Diabetes mellitus
  8. A Drug Safety Campaign to make a difference for Community Elderly Care
  9. Awareness, Prevention and Early Detection of Cognitive Impairment (APEC) 先知先覺 智樂計劃
  10. New health care model - hospital services working with community partners as a team improves diabetes care

Posters Presentation

  1. "Five Stars Health Five Stars Home" Project to Make a Different Life-style and Community
  2. Hospital Community Partnership Program on Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and Early Stage of Dementia Care
  3. Power of Partnership - Nursing, Social Work and Volunteer in Community
  4. Home Cleansing and Furnishing Program for the Living Alone Elderly
  5. The Effect of Music Participation on Quality of Life of Elderly People
  6. Extend Medical Care in Residential Care Home for the Elderly in HKEC
  7. The effect of regular Health Qi-going Yi Jin Jing(HQGYJJ) on measuring of pain, flexibility, depression, disability, self-efficacy in community dweller (CD) suffered from chronic non-specific low back pain (CLBP): A Pilot Test
  8. A Colorectal Cancer Education and Screening Program 2007
  9. Mid-term Evaluation of Integrated Advanced Psychiatric Empowerment to Clients of Admission Wards: (伴您同航)
  10. CADENZA Community Project: Chronic Disease Self-Management Programme
  11. Weight management for DM patients in the community
  12. An Exploratory Study on A&E Cases Handled by MSSU/PYNEH

Other Abstracts

  1. Nurse-initiative project: Family-Centered-Smarty-Program for Hospitalized ChildrenN After Abused Event
  2. A randomized controlled trial of a diabetes self-management program for older people: the preliminary results
  3. Run for Fitness and Prevention of Diabetes Programme: Healthy Run
  4. Hospital Injury Surveillance makes a difference for preventing injuries in the community
  5. Creativity in Care for Persons with Dementia
  6. Self-monitoring System for community dwelling with knee pain
  7. Community Rehabilitation Day Center: A One-stop Transition towards Healthy Living in the Community
  8. An alternative choice of service for parents with special needs children: A self-financing model of community-based pediatrics service for the children with special needs
  9. Non-profit & Self-financing model of community-based integrated rehabilitation service for service users from General Out-Patient Clinic (GOPC) of Hong Kong East & West Cluster
  10. Physiotherapy interactive class
  11. Critical appraisal and systematic review of the effectiveness of exercise in patients with depression
  12. An Exploratory Study of the Motives and Expectations of Cancer Patients Seeking Chinese Medicine Treatment
  13. Evaluation and Implication of Pre-operative Joint Replacement Education Class
  14. Community Partnership Self-medication Programme
  15. Medication Compliance Clinic in a General Out-patient Clinic: Its Function and Implication
  16. Community Health Promotion program on Weight Management
  17. How healthy Hong Kong young people are? A study on Wellness Index of Hong Kong young people
  18. Continuing Stroke Rehabilitation in the Community
  19. The Effectiveness of Stroke Prevention Program in terms of Knowledge Level amongst the Hong Kong Elderly
  20. Depression Care Management for Chinese older adults with depressive symptoms
  21. "非常親子檔"
  22. Mobile Link Service (隨身寶服務)- the Application and Integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into Human Service - Enhancing Active Aging and Community Support in HONG KONG
  23. Solve the Problem of Water Pollution
  24. Enhancing Diabetes Seniors' Health via Tele-diabetes Education Pilot Program
  25. 尤德夫人那打素醫院物質誤用診所 東華三院越峰成長中心 酒精及藥物濫用社關支援小組