HKEC Symposium on Community Engagement X

Celebrating a decade of partnership towards accessible health care

Event Date: 2015-07-11

Presentations 文章簡報

Keynote Speech 主題演講

Plenary Session 專題演講

Seminar 1 Building Age Friendly Communities with Patients' Perspectives
講座一 從病人的角度與觸覺 構建長者友善社區

Seminar 2: Innovative Practices for the Betterment after Discharge
講座二: 實踐出院新計劃 改善癒後新生活

Seminar 3: How Could IT Make a Difference in Healthcare Management?
講座三: 資訊科技能為健康管理開拓新境界?

Seminar 4: Looking Ahead - Let's Join Hands with Carers
講座四: 在回顧中前瞻 - 與照顧者牽手同行