(Source of materials: Hong Kong East Cluster Community Services)
(資料來源: 港島東醫院聯網 社區服務)


長者防寒知識講座 2017 (11 December 2017)

港島東社區老人評估小組醫社共融座談會 2017
抑鬱你我齊關注 同心同行去面對 講座 (30 November 2017)

HKEC Training Workshop on Cancer Care for Professional Staff 2017 (24 February 2017)

長者防寒知識講座 2016 (19 December 2016)

伴老共行晚期路: 回顧及前瞻 講座 (08 September 2016)

HKEC Training on Dementia Care for staff of community care agencies (2, 9, 23 September 2016)

Session 1 (2 Sep)

Session 2 (9 Sep)

Session 3 (23 Sep)

生命傳遞愛 (2016年3月4日)

  • 復康路上的社區資源
    講者:港島東醫院聯網 社區服務統籌經理 / 東區尤德夫人那打素醫院 社區及病人資源部 部門經理 黃敏櫻女士

HKEC Training Course for NGOs Health Care Worker: Diabetes & Exercise

  • Part 1: Are you Ready?
    By Dr. Jenny LEUNG, Consultant (IMS) and Head of Department (Endocrinology), RHTSK
  • Part 2: On Your Mark! Get Set!
    By Ms. Tracy LAU, Nurse Consultant (Diabetes), HKEC
  • Part 3: Go!
    By Dr. Grace HUI, Associate Consultant (Medicine & Rehabilitation), TWEH

長者防寒知識講座 2015 (14 December 2015)

WCHH 20th Anniversary Forum (14 November 2015)

伴老共行晚期路 公開講座 (22 October 2015)

港島東吞嚥及餵飼技巧訓練課程 2015 (24 July, 19 August 2015)

  • 吞嚥困難及餵飼技巧工作坊
    東區尤德夫人那打素醫院 言語治療師 梁詠茵姑娘 (24 July 2015)
    律敦治及鄧肇堅醫院 言語治療師 黎敬樂先生 (19 August 2015)

港島東傷口/造口患者照顧技巧訓練課程 2015 (22 June 2015)

醫社合作專題研討會: 兒童及青少年的網絡使用 (5 June 2015)

  1. 使用互聯網及電子屏幕產品對健康的影響
    衛生署 社會醫學顧問醫生(學生健康服務)鍾偉雄醫生
  2. 青少年沉迷上網的主因
    伊利沙伯醫院 兒科 副顧問醫生 梁寶兒醫生
  3. 如何提升健康使用網絡的自制能力
    香港基督教服務處 網絡沉溺輔導中心 中心主任(社工) 李展熙先生

長者防寒知識講座 (2 December 2014)

  • 長者防寒知識講座


"Seminar in a New Models for a Seamless Community Geriatric Care 2014" Sharing Forum (16 October 2014)

Keynote speech

Part 1: Utilizing computer technology and data analytics in supporting patients in the community

Part 2: Re-engineering of the elderly services in Residential Care Homes for the Elderly (RCHEs)

Part 3: New methodologies in combating challenges in Integrated Care & Discharge Support (ICDS) for the Elderly

HKEC Certificate Course on Diabetes Mellitus Management for NGO Health Carers 2014 (May-June 2014)

Date Course Content Speaker
1. Epidemiology, Pathophysiology and Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus Dr. S C SIU, COS(MED), TWEH
2. Diabetic Complications: Acute & Chronic Dr. Emmy LAU, AC(MED), PYNEH
3. Diabetes Self-Management Education Ms. Tracy LAU, NC(DM), HKEC
1. New Trend Management of Diabetes Mellitus & Metabolic Targets Dr. M C SIN, AC(FM &PHC), HKEC
2. Pharmacological Intervention for Diabetes; Management of Diabetes Elderly Dr. Jenny LEUNG, SMO(Geri), RHTSK
3. Management of Oral Anti-diabetic Drugs and Insulin Injection Ms. H C CHENG, APN(MED), TWEH
1. Nutritional Therapy for Diabetes Mellitus Ms. Cora WONG, Dietitian, SJS
2. Exercise Therapy for Diabetes Mellitus Ms. Yuki CHEUNG, Physiotherapist, TWGHs
3. Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose (SMBG) and Foot Care Ms. Shimen AU, NS(DM), RHTSK

癌症照顧者訓練系列 (2 April 2014)

Psychosocial Workshop "When Patient Died, What next?" Bereavement Service by PSS (5 September 2013)